Address: 2053-2057 Rue Sanguinet
Region: Montréal
Municipalité: Ville-Marie
Neighborhood: Downtown
Année de construction: 1885
Catégorie de propriété: Revenue Property
Building Type: Attached
Genre de propriété: Two or more story
Living Area: sq. ft.
Lot Size: sq. ft.

3 Gas Hot Water Tanks, 1 Furnace, 3 Wall mounted heat pumps, 3 Refrigerators, 3 Stoves, 3 Dishwashers, 3 Sets of Washer and Dryers, All light fixtures.



A rare opportunity to acquire a revenue property in the district of Ville-Marie. Superb triplex 2 x 4-1/2 and 1 x 3-1/2, in prime location. Many renovations have been done over the last years, see addendum for details. Very good tenants, possibility of potential higher rents. Garage not rented. Each unit includes heat pump and 5 appliances.

Roof redone, fascia and trim sealed in 2005
Soffits on the two front balconies sanded, painted and stained, 2017
Front stair treads replaced, railing sanded and painted, 2017
Chimney is not attached to any heat source, not used. Neighbor removed sections of chimney on right side of roof in 2016
Garage door replaced 2012
Garage roof beams and sheeting replaced 2012
Crawlspace sheeted in plastic film 2013
Dehumidifier installed,
Ventilation improved.

2053 floor sanded and varnished 2010
Gas hot water tank replaced 2014
Kitchen double-hung window repaired 2015
Counter-top replaced 2011
Bath resealed 2012
Fan replaced.

2055 hot water tank replaced 2013
Hall door and bedroom windows #1 and #2 replaced 2015
Water shut-offs now located on all water outlets

2057 hot water tank replaced 2014
Rear windows #1 and #2 replaced 2015

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